My Day of Arousal

My hand

My day began like any other day. I got up and went to work. I work form home, so I have a bit of freedom. I checked in on my work computer, did a few things and then went to my desk top computer to check my blog. The was nothing new there, so I checked emails and found a number of replies from some comments I had made on another blog. I love this particular blog as it is so honest and real, filled with emotion and genuine feelings.

A young girl is the blogger, and I am taken by her candid writings and thoughts. I’m compelled to respond and contribute to her blog, as I feel it should be read and kept alive. I also love the passion in her that is boiling just out of reach. I sense a very passionate girl, an extremely horny girl who is trying not to be naughty, and me a naughty daddy, who would love to see her close her eyes, as she leaps into a bit of  darkness.

One of the postings was about how aroused she was. I responded and she plied back. The topic of masturbation became part of the exchange. I could feel my cock swelling as I typed. My cock laid between thighs and as my two hands typed, my thighs squeezed my cock. I was becoming very aroused. I was very hard and felt myself falling into that place where I felt very comfortable.

I began thinking about her masturbating, what she might look like. Would she be naked? Would she be so excited and hungry that she would fall dressed into a chair and throw her legs up over the arms? I liked that scenario. I was dreaming in my own sexual daze that I was sitting across from her, and I was privilege to my own moment watching her as she first pulled her flora printed dress up over her thighs, exposing her lovely wet panties. The wet spot was dark against the rest of the fabric. My mouth watered as I watched. As she ran her fingers over her mound, then pressing into pussy, I could smell her scent fill the room. She whimpered quietly, almost in a whisper.

My cock was engorged and uncomfortable in my jeans, as I undid  the button. I slowly unzipped my pants. I saw her peeking at me as my cock came into view. I heard another whimper as her fingers pressed harder against her clit. Not a word was spoken. Slowly as she watched me, her fingers slipped under the leg opening and her fingers dug deeper. As she leaned back I heard her moan. I had begun stroking my cock; it was beginning to ooze my pre cum. I waited until she glanced at me, and then dipped my finger into my oozing cum and licked it off.  Smiling, she pulled her own hand out of her panties and brought her wet fingers to her mouth. Her tongue lashed out as she then sucked them all the in, her eyes were a glaze as she laid her head back and mummered, “Mmmmmmmm”……..

We stayed in that place, for what seemed like minutes, but with in a few seconds she had her panties off, and had tossed them to me. Landing on my lap, I stared at them. Her scent was intoxicating as I quickly snatched them up, bring the wet gusset to my face. I inhaled. My head was filled with her scent and my cockhead was deep purple, the skin tight and shiny, as I stroked myself with an unbridled passion.

When I came back to my senses, I lowered the heavily scented garment from my face and saw her feverishly rubbing her clitty, digging her fingers into her wet hole. As her hands moved I was treated with small peeks of rosebud. I was taken by it’s beauty, and again I felt my mouth water and cock throb. I had lowered my jeans to around my ankles, and spread them wide so she could see all of me. As I stroked my cock my balls were slapping against my bottom, I only wished my cock was buried in one of her holes, and my balls were slapping against her ass, as I filled her.

Being more Dom, I blush in telling you, I would have crawled across the floor to lick her, to pleasure her. To nuzzle into her completely and taste all of her. I would have relished in her scent and licked her to one orgasm after another, as she directed my tongue to her place of need. As I have said many times before, we all have our vulnerabilities and this one was rubbing against mine. A sexy young lady completely exposed, her pussy open and red from arousal, dripping wet, would make even a unicorn aroused.

As I sat in my office chair and wiped the cum from the end of my cock…..I shivered thinking of how erotic that fantasy became…….Thank you little girl……*sigh*