Still At It

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After getting dressed up, we had a little time to have a glass of wine while we waited.  She knew how excited I was and I knew how excited she was, but we didn’t talk about it.  We talked about groceries, and plans for the weekend, and getting a new chair for the living room.  It was painful and tremendous.  Her phone buzzed and he texted that he had  arrived. She picked up her clutch and kissed me goodbye.  I watched through the third story window as he greeted her outside the car with a hug and a small kiss on the lips and a lingering touch on her arms down to her hands.  He opened the car door for her and jogged around to the drivers seat and they were off.  The image of their embrace, in front of all the neighbors, is etched in my brain.  It made…

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Sissy Art

I love sissy’s. I’m not a Sissy or a cross Dresser…..but there is something very arousing about a Sissy. I find the drawings and digital art even more arousing than photographs. Seeing a “girl” or as many say a”gurl”……aroused….and feminine…..makes me shiver with desire…..



















After work

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After a long day at work you came home-exhausted and uninspired. You thought about a dozen papers you need to correct this weekend. Something was missing, but you didn’t know exactly what. You drank some water, looked through the window. You took off your clothes and walked around naked. You turned on the music and lighted a candle. The idea of a foamy bath made you smile. While relaxing in the bathtub you thought about him. Wherever he was, whomever he was fucking those days, right now he was really with you. You smiled again. You touched your right breast. You squeezed it, firmly but softly. You opened your lips and closed your eyes. You moved your hand slowly. Rubbing and stroking your skin until you reached vagina. You opened your legs just enough. Your two fingers slipped easily inside you. You felt immediate intensity. You tilted your head to…

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HBIC. Fan girl talk, wtf?

Teen age years while difficult at best….seem to be easier than the 20’s when children feel they are “entitled” to anything and everything, including your financing it as well…..then of course the 30’s when they now know “everything”…..they tell you where you went wrong with far more authority than when they were teens….One day after attempting to save my son from from obvious consequences, and his retaliation at my suggestion….I told him….”I can’t save you….I am no longer going to try…..If some day you wake up and want my opinion….call me ans ask.”…..A few months later he did call and requested my opinion. I was shocked actually. I first asked him if he got up today and hit his head……..he asked why….obviously he didn’t see the connection…..but now 3 years later he asks my opinion….I give it and he does what he wants….PERFECT!

Men Need to Act Like Men

“That is a real man.

That is a adult.

That is someone who takes a deep breath and actually sees the world instead of staring blankly, someone who begins the hard task of naming what the problem is and starts to either repair what is broken or abandons dead projects and starts over.”