Boys in Panties

Being bisexual, and loving feminine boys, androgynous males, fem boys, and trans girls; seeing a cock in panties has always aroused me. Whether it be a quiet little “bump”, a pulsing hard “lump” with a wet spot , or something delicately tucked , I’m drawn to it.Boys in Panties16Boys in Panties18Boys in Panties19Boys in PantiesBoys in Panties2Boys in Panties3Boys in Panties4Boys in Panties5Boys in Panties6Boys in Panties7Boys in Panties8Boys in Panties9Boys in Panties10Boys in Panties11Boys in Panties12Boys in Panties13Boys in Panties14Boys in Panties15

Trans Girl, A love affair.

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I posted a new page. Please peek at it…….just sayin’

I’m a pansexual male whose had a love of Transgender for decades. The page is a written account of my experiences over time which began with sexual encounters. Over time one learns many things…..We become educated….We mature and come to embrace the the “whole” of personal experiences, and not simply the shallow desires lying deep with in us. What began as an moment of arousal……has transformed itself and me in many ways. Yes, I am still a male and I still make mistakes in language, after years of listening to conventional “wisdom”…..prejudice, stereotyping….etc. But this life is not built on perfection, it is about progress and embracing differences along the path……this has been part of my journey…….

about me

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I loved reading this “about me” from germainedelarch.

As a photographer, primarily a street photographer focused on people and the interactions to each other and their environment, I find your words “the carnival of everyday, ordinary life” so incredibly apropos…inspiring…..thanks for posting such an amazing essay on how we might pause and view the life around us…….

The Site ~ Chaturbate

Many of you may know the chat site Chaturbate. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I don’t pay for sex, period…..under any circumstances. I have a very sexy transgender friend, male to female, who’s been doing a show on there recently showing off her stuff. While I was on-line I peeked in on a few others, getting the feel for who and what was shown and offered. That’s when I bumped into a couple, two transgender models/performers who intrigued me. One is a long haired white girl with a softer, slightly chubby body, smaller breasts and pink nipples…..and a cute clitty……the other is a taller black girl with larger breasts…big brown nipples…..and a very nice clitty……I am a fan of these two…….*blush*

Why am I a fan….Why do I follow them….because they excite me…they inspire me in some odd way. In my mind sex workers are are masturbation tools…..period. But these two talk and engage, kiss and hug….do things that the others don’t in a seemingly genuine manner. Maybe it’s there shtick…..maybe not….but I can dream and stroke my cock and feel better about it….instead of feeling abused by a arrogant, self absorbed alternative……They eventually go off and do a private show for those who will pay……but the “foreplay” is typically very arousing…..

But these two, who typically perform together…….”thosedamncows“…….might be worth a peek……It is what it is…….after all…’s Chaturbate…..

Please note: I have no financial gain in this, I do not know these individuals or do I myself perform on Chaturbate. I have been a silent watcher at best, sitting back and relishing in their shows…….