The Artist and Client, Chapter 5

Helen stood with her hand holding her dress up showing me her mound. She was silent for what seemed like hours, time moved in slow motion. Finally she said, “Your mother’s gonna kill me…..come with me.” She grabbed my hand and lead me upstairs and outside. We were heading to the studio as she stopped and said, “Wait right here…..don’t move.” Helen walked in the house and came back with the keys for the studio. After opening the door and slamming it shut, she turned and pressed herself against me. Her head fell into the crook of my neck as she melted into me. “You don’t hate me do you…..G…..I mean…..I heard Bernie talking the other night to his client……he was telling him about you…..and,” she stopped. “and what|?”I asked. She shook her head and said, “Maybe I shouldn’t say, as she stepped away. She walked over to the easel, and threw off the sheet that covered the canvas. I watched as she stared at it the painting . Had she seen it before, or did Bernie tell me about it and what we did, or maybe this was the first time and she hated it. Maybe she hated me. “The paintings gorgeous G…..I love it….and you,” she paused and looked at me. You’re so…….young and……aroused……were you that aroused when you posed?” I nodded, “Yes I was. I replied. I could feel my cock swelling again. Thinking back to how Bernie had seduced me. How I wanted to be seduced. I was so willing. I was Bernie’s toy and I wanted to be again, that’s why I came here today. I wanted to lay on his chaise and have him touch me, suck my cock, and tell me to suck him.

“Earth to G…..are you okay G?”, Helen asked. I nodded again. She wiggled her finger at me, beckoning me to come closer. I came to her as she grabbed my arm and pulled me next to her. I could smell her arousal, Just like the scent in her panties, it hung in the corner of the studio from where Bernie painted. Helen had let her dress fall back into place as she she said, “You’re so hard in the painting G,?” as she ran her finger over my cock on the canvas, and then I felt her fingers slide over my cock, caressing me over the front of my shorts as she whispered, “you’re so hard now too…..right here.” Her finger pushed into my cock as she looked straight in my eyes. She smiled and said, “Remember when you were with all the boys at the pool… had those Speedos on……your cock…..made such a lovely lump… looked so good to all the mature women there.” “I did? Did I look good to you Helen?”, I couldn’t believe I said that.

I again thought about Bernie’s cock, and all those other mature males I had been naked with, seduced, sucked and intimate with. I hadn’t been with many if any mature women and I didn’t know how to do this. I didn’t know how to hold her, to kiss her, to make that move to to be a man with her. “Yes G……you looked good to me.” Again Helen pulled her dress up. “Do you want this G… you wanna fuck me G…..cuz if you do it’s yours.” All those mature women Helen spoke of, they were watching me, looking at me in my Speedo’s that day. I remember my mother had bought me a new swim suit and it was tiny. It rested low on my belly, and just above where the cleft of my butt. When I bent over you could see it. When the suit was wet it revealed my cock as if molded to me. No wonder the ladies were looking and staring. I was getting undressed in the locker room and an older guy was watching me. I loved being watched. He look at, gazing at in a sexual way. I was a little nervous about wearing that tiny suit. I was dressing in a hidden corner behind a row of lockers. I felt comfortable there as it was like a private dressing area. Then I looked up and saw a man staring at me. He was naked and as he looked at me his cock was hardening. He said, “That’s some suit you have on young man…..your gonna attract some attention……it’s very sexy… you mind me saying that?” He stepped forward. I was taken back by his comment and watched as he slowly came closer. He reached out brushing his finger over the outline of my hard cock as he said, “You’ll need to be careful…..this thing might pop out the top of that suit if you’re not careful.” I was surprised by how forward he was, and now his hand was gripping me, squeezing my throbbing cock as he stepped back and watched as it popped over the waist band. He could see how aroused I was, but noises from others entering the locker room made the moment all come to a fast end.

“G…….are you a virgin? Helen asked. I shook my head. “Have you been with a girl, or just men?” she went on. “Mostly men, a couple girls my age,” I told her. “Have you ever really made love to a girl G…..have you ever had a girl show you how it should be……has a girl ever given herself completely to you?” she asked in a sweeter flirty tone. I shook my head no. “Only a couple of girls in the back seat of a car…..we kind fumbled around and I came as soon as I got it…….you know….as soon as my thing touched her,” I responded, looking away. “This is so embarrassing Helen,” I added.

I has always been so easy with men, older males who knew how to seduce me and how easy it was for me to give them a peak at me. I might lean away a little farther from a urinal in a restroom, showing my cock that would be hardening. Or I might have stretched a bit more and longer as I arched my back, my cock pressing against my tight jeans or a Speedo, revealing the shape of my cock. I was always inviting a feel or a grab. I loved their cocks too. But the mystery of a woman and her pussy was arousing and yet intimidating. I knew what males I could ultimately be sexual with, or even simply hint my desires. But girls or more urgently mature women seemed different. If I acted in the same manner they might run or scream. So now with Helen offering herself to me, I found it strange that I was shy and hesitant.

“Show me that lovely cock G……I wanna see it,” She said, almost demanding it. I looked in her eyes and saw determination that I could not refuse. I opened my button and unzipped my shorts, feeling them sliding down my legs. Wearing no underwear as usual, I stood naked as I stepped out of them. “Ooooooooooh…… have a very hard cock G……I’m gonna have fun with this……if you let me,” she said in a coy way. Dropping to her knees she licked up the shaft. Helen pulled down on the sack that held my balls as her mouth came over the top of my cock head swallowing it completely.

The Artist and the Client, Chapter 4

It had been a few days since I posed for Bernie and I was looking forward to the next session. He aroused me so much in the first session, it seemed I was still hard days later. Every time I thought of it, I was erect and exhibited signs of werness. I had masturbated every day, many times reliving those moments, It was if my young cock was always hard, and the memories of that day simply were emblazoned into every part of me. I hoped he was going to call me for another session. I decided to stop over and see when he needed me again. In the back of my mind it wasn’t the posing and painting I was hungry to continue with, it was seeing Bernie’s cock and feeling his incredible hands touching me, his lips taking my own cock in his mouth and the pleasure he had given me.

I walked the short distance to his home, and went directly to the studio out back. It was dark and locked, my excitement and arousal dissolved as I turned to leave. “G…….G……Bernie’s not here……he won’t be back for a few hours…..can I help you with something?” I heard Helen his wife yell from her kitchen window. She was waving me to come to her as she said, “I just made some fresh lemonade, would you like some?” I really didn’t, but I liked Helen as I waved and said, “Okay, maybe a quick sip.”

It was extremely hot out again, the sweat was dripping down my naked chest, and my short little denim shorts showed wet spots from the heat , and maybe from my arousal. I was concerned about how little I was wearing, but Helen had seen me in my Speedo’s, so I let go of my concern. When I got to the kitchen door, She said to just come in and wait, she was in the basement doing laundry. In a minute or two I heard her climbing the stairs. When she reached the top and peeked around into the kitchen, I heard her quietly inhale and then say, “You look like you’re ready to pose for Bernie.” I blushed and said, “I stopped by the studio, but like you said, he wasn’t there.” I paused, thinking she knows I pose for him, I wonder if she knows I pose nude, and maybe what we did. “He’ll be back later…..but we can have a nice lemonade and talk”, she said with a smirk on her face. I was quiet, I was feeling a little uneasy. “So….G… like posing?……you’re not shy at all?……I mean….” Then she raised her eye brows looking at me. “Nah…..I’m just laying on the couch….it’s not a hard thing.” In a moment I realized what I said and I felt another blush wash over me. “Well……from what Bernie has painted so far… sure looks like a hard thing,” she said, again raising her eye brows and then gazing at me. Was she testing me? I didn’t know. Helen pours me another glass of .lemonade, “You sure are thirsty G….I got a lot more from where that came from.” You saw the painting Helen?” I ask. She nods. I blush again.

She busies herself washing dishes and putting things away from the mornings breakfast. I realize she’s an attractive woman. She appears not to be wearing a bra and her breasts don’t seen to be saggy. I begin to feel a twinge of arousal. She looks over at me and smiles, biting her bottom lip as if she wanted to say something, but refrained. “What?” I ask. She just shakes her head and goes on working at cleaning the kitchen. “Oh Shit!. I forgot to put something in the wash….Damn!” she mutters, then looks at me and asks, “Do ya know how to open my washer and slip something in without letting the water in those front loaders spill all over the floor…..your mom’s got the same machine….right? I nod, “Yeah….I do it all the time.” “Mmmmmm……awesome G……..would be so kind to put this in it? I watch Helen reach under her sundress and pull her panties down. They are laying around her ankles when she looks up at me and saying, “Not bad hugh G… didn’t even get a tiny peek did you,” as he picks up her panties and tosses them to me. I’m dumb founded. Helen just tossed me her panties. I was frozen in place. “Go….Go….before it begins its spin cycle….Go!”

I walk to the stairs feeling so surreal, did this really just happen. Then I notice they’re damp and sweaty. I rush to the laundry room and stare at them. I was in a zone. I look at them closely. They were wet in the crotch area and up the back. I was so aroused, my cock was throbbing. I turn them inside out and gaze at the gusset. They were so wet, and there are a few loose black hairs stuck to the cotton. I brought it to my nose and inhaled…..Her scent was intoxicating….sweaty. pungent. arousing. Helen was aroused, I could smell her. I reached down and squeezed my cock. I inhaled again and again, in a feverish desire to take all of her smell in, not to waste a bit. “You like the way I smell G?” I heard Helen almost in a whisper, then back to biting her bottom lip. I’m again frozen in place, no words could change what I’ve done and what she’s seen. Staring at each other, my cock throbbing, and Helen as she slowly pulls her sundress up with one hand. It was almost torture as her dress inched up, inch by inch….until her hairy mound came to view. “It’s yours G…..if you want it.” She said as she leaned against the door way.

Boys in Panties

I recently was asked by a woman I know quite well if I would try on her panties. I shook my head indicating it wasn’t something that I found exciting. We were laying in bed and she said she thought it was so sexy when a man could put to the side his macho bullshit and wear something soft and sexy. I began to share how in my youth I had. But my mouth froze and the words died as I became tongue tied. With her head resting in the cradle of my arm she whispered, “It would make me so horny if you did.”

I immediately thought how I wanted to please her. The beta male in me jumped at the arousal of pleasing someone. I remembered how I had tried on my mothers. It made my cock so hard and I loved sneaking them. Then one day I saw saw a pair of her panties in the hamper. I picked them out and I could see they were damp. I brought them to my face and inhaled. They were full of her scent. It was intoxicating. I remember slipping them on, and how they made me feel…..tight over my butt cheeks and my cock created a well defined lump. My cock was oozing pre cum and it stained them. I thought nothing of it at the time. I took them to my room and hid them. I would wear them when I masturbated……it was delicious….

She asked me again, “If you put them on…..I’ll suck you really good….will ya?” I nodded. She slipped them off and held them for a minute. She looked at them and said, “See how wet I am already?” Reaching out she brought them to my face. I loved that. Smelling her wet panties, her doing that, seducing me by playing on my vulnerabilities. I inhaled and licked. She called me a naughty boy.

I raised my legs as she pulled them on me. I was so hard. Climbing between my thighs she nuzzled into them. Her nose bumped and nudged against my cock, then she nibbled and kissed it. I was oozing pre cum as she pulled the front down, exposing my hardness. She teased me, licking softly as she fingered her pussy. “You see how hot your making me by wearing them…..I want you to cum in them so I can wear them all day.”…..She felt my cock pulse as she covered my cock again, watching me spurt a load. Once, twice, three times my cock pumped cum into her panties. She looked at me and said, “Now give me em’…..I wanna wear em’ now.”

I had some images I love……

Boys in Panties







The Artist and the Client, Chapter 3

I lay there looking at Bernie. He had made me feel so good and now my cock was flaccid. He kissed the tip and and said, “Now what am I gonna do with you?…….I need you hard.” Reaching out I held his balls in my hand, pulling the loose skin, watching as his cock swayed up and down. I leaned into him and licked the tip. Drops of clear pre-cum were oozing out as I continued licking. Taking the head into my mouth, I heard him moan. Bernie grabbed my head gently and held it as he began thrusting in and out, he was fucking my mouth. I loved being held like that, I felt like a cock whore, I loved how that felt. I felt so naughty.

I felt his balls tightening in my hand as I reached around and held his smooth hairless ass. “Ooooooooooh……yes……I……I……I’mmmmmm…..gonna cum G,” he moaned. A few seconds later he was filling my mouth with cum. It shot to the back of my throat and oozed from my lips. Cum was dripping from down my chin as he stepped back and said, “Maybe I should paint you like this……’re so sexy with cum dripping from your chin like this…….and Oooooooh my!……I think we solved the issue of you being hard.” We both looked down to see my cock once again hard and ready to pose for what would be a very erotic painting.

Bernie turned and went to stand behind his easel. I watched his mature ass, which I had never seen naked before, wiggle and sway in such an arousing way. His ass was hairless like my own, and perfectly round. I wondered what it would be like to lay on top of him and nestle my cock into the smooth cleft, I wondered if he would raise up a bit and seduce me into slipping my cock into his tight man pussy. I also wondered if thats what he wanted from me. Did he want to take my boy pussy, filling me completely? My cock throbbed thing what it would feel like to be connected to Bernie like that. My mind began wandering back to being with Rene, my boyhood friend. I wondered how much of what we did, did Bernie really see.

I was so aroused once again. I loved what Rene and I had done and now Bernie and I had crossed a bridge. I wondered if his wife knew he loved young naked males and what she would do if she knew. I pondered what his conversation would have been if he told her I was posing nude for him, and if she thought it was just another commission, or if it excited or disgusted her. Might they have been in bed when he brought it up and did she ask him if it aroused him? Did it arouse her? She was always very attentive, a bit flirty with me, and I always assumed it was because they never had children and, she would have loved having a son. I wondered, both thoughts arousing me. It was so naughty him cheating on her in this way, and then he and I doing all we did already and her knowing her hubby would be sucking my cock. Would he tell her later in bed? Would he tell her as he fingered her pussy?

My finger went between my legs as I toyed with my tight hole, teasing it and probing. Something was calling me to go deeper as I inserted it to the next knuckle. I wanted more, I wanted to feel something touch my spot, my prostrate, massaging it as my cock flowed cum. I was in that place where I needed, where I wanted that intense pleasure and I needed it now. I looked over at Bernie and he was standing still, with his brush in one hand and his cock in the other. He was again hard and he was stroking himself slowly, taking in my exhibition. I saw his pleasure and wanted to show him more. I threw my head back, arching my back and thrusting my finger deeper into my boy pussy. It felt amazing. I loved being watched. I loved knowing my body and my actions were being consumed by another in such naughty ways and for their pleasure.

My mind wandered back to Rene. I loved his long thin cock. I loved how it would throb in my hand, and how when he was horny he would call and tell me he needed me, NOW! He did that a lot and sometimes would come over dressed in something sexy. I wondered what he would be doing right now if he only knew I was stretched out naked, posing on Bernie’s chaise with a belly full of a horny artist’s cum. The last time I had been with Rene he greeted me wearing a pair of his sister’s panties, garter belt, and stockings. I loved his feminine side, his need to show it and act upon it. I loved how my cock felt when I took him dressed like that girl he so loved being, and how he would whimper.

“So…….Bernie… you do nude paintings often,” I asked, breaking both of us away from our thoughts. “Yes, a fair amount……..I have a group of friends…..who have over time asked for certain special portraits and figure studies…….all commissions of course.” I nodded and hesitated, a bit nervous to ask……… “Does your wife Janet…..know you do these?
“Why do you ask G?” I replied, “Just curious.” Bernie began concentrating on his brush strokes, looking at me, working the canvas and creating the beginnings of was to be a naked young male lying in a very seductive and arousing pose.

Something about this makes me so hot!

I once had a friend who always wore tight white tights or stretch pants. He was well endowed, never wore underwear and loved playing with my mind.These images remind me of him and how his body felt as I caressed his butt and cock….feeling how hard it was, how it throbbed. There was always a delicious little wet spot…..

White Tights

White Tights

White Tights

The Artist and the Client, Chapter Two

Laying on the Couch

Bernie took me by the arm and gently directed me to the chaise, “Here….sit here and put your leg on the cushion….stretched out flat……leave your other foot on the floor…..your thigh relaxed…..lean it to the right…. legs spread a little…..more…..that way I can see your gorgeous cock…..Mmmmmm…..G…..Oh my God!” I looked up at him and his cock was so close to me. It was as if he was purposely standing so close his cock head was inches from my lips. There was pre cum oozing from the head as I heard him sigh, almost begging for attention from me. I knew he wanted my lips kissing the head and licking his clear cum. My mouth watered in anticipation as I leaned forward and softly kissed the tip. A thread of his cum glazed my lips, as I pulled away and heard him sigh again, this time out of frustration.

I wanted to be there, to pose for Bernie, lay naked, allowing him a look at my cock and feel his eyes wash over me. I loved knowing that his cock was hard because of me. But all of a sudden, all I wanted was Bernie to lay on top of me with his hard mature cock pressing and humping against my young cock. I wanted to feel like I was being taken. I needed to be taken advantage of, to be used. I wanted to see him hungry and out of control. Some might say passionate, but I wanted to see and feel his desperate need to be with me. I wanted to be his young lover, who made his cock drip cum at the sight of me naked, and how he might use my smooth body for his pleasure.

I knew if I paid him a little bit more attention he would forget about his brushes and paints and the canvas. Bernie looked down at me with his clear cum hanging from my lips and chin, as I passed my tongue over them, and licked. “You’re teasing me aren’t you……you’re seducing me……you’re making me crazy,” he desperately said in a raspy whisper. I grinned at him as I reached out and ran my fingers up his thigh just touching his balls. I felt him shiver and his cock twitch. I softly held them, pulling him closer as I took him in my mouth. He tasted so good. I loved the way his cock pulsed and his balls moved in my hand. “Lay on me……press your hard cock into me…..rub it against mine…I want to feel your cock against me…..I wanna be wet with your cum” I whispered.

Bernie sat between my legs with my thighs over his. He moved forward and gripped my cock with his, and stroked them together, side by side. Our oozing cocks were wet and it felt amazing. I had done this before with a buddy, it was addictive.

“I’ve watched you…you know…..with that neighbor ……I’ve seen you two together,” he suddenly said. I looked at him surprised as my mind began reeling with who else has seen us playing. My friend and I had been touching and stroking our cocks together for a long time, I didn’t even remember the first time. But recently it had become more. We used to wait until it got dark, and we’d go in one of our garages, or behind them, and open our zippers and show each other our cocks. We would stroke them, getting a thrill from the exposing them to each other. And then one day his mom caught us. She was upset. We decided we needed to hide better and find a place where we could be alone. As young males, we naturally loved to explore and play in the woods, throw rocks in a lake, or maybe skinny dip. It was one of those times. The summer heat was horrible, and in even only my denim blue jean cut offs I was sweltering. I told him I was going to go skinny dipping after we had ran through the woods, and he might like to join me. I let my shorts fall to my ankles as he watched. I remember how in the bright sun of day, under that shady tree in the soft grass, I stood naked. He was silent as he looked at me. His hand had moved to the front of his pants and he was squeezing his cock. The warm balmy breeze blew against me and I felt like a naked nymph in the woods. I remember how impatient I was, and how I dropped to my knees and began undoing his pants. My cock was throbbing. I was so hungry and desperate to see his cock again. It had been sometime since we had been completely naked with each other, and I could feel my heart pounding as I finally put my thumbs under the waist band of his white briefs, and pulled them to his ankles. I simply gazed at his cock standing straight, and twitching with excitement.

“I saw you in the woods… the lake…..I was painting the back drop to another picture I was commissioned to paint…….I was at the top of the hill that hides the lake from the road…..I saw you swimming naked.” I bit my lip. “What else did you see?” I asked, feeling a blush warm my face. “I saw a lot G……I don’t think it was your first time down there with him…..he got naked first and fell to his knees at your feet…..his cock was hard as his shorts fell…..yours was hard too…and he was sucking you…taking it deep down his throat.” It seemed no mater where he and I went we were being found and watched.

Bernie was squeezing my cock and holding my balls, pulling on my tight little scrotum skin, occasionally teasing my puckered little rear hole with his finger. “Oooooooh……Bernie that feels amazing… good… fucking good,” I gasped
I wanted to cum so bad, I was so close. Bernie just looked at me and said, “You two…..are so smooth… you have any idea of what that does to a man who…………” There was a long pause as he stroked my cock slowly. “what Bernie?” I ask. “What……any idea of….what?” Another long pause. I almost forgot his words as I felt his finger probe deeply into my tight little hole. My cock throbbed in his hand as my boy hole clenched around his finger. “Do you know that I like young males……18 year old naked young boys…….young boys that want to be……..” Bernie struggled with the words. He was nervous and excited, his cock pushing against mine. I felt his anguish and embarrassment, but I also recognized his desire and hunger too. While he loved me because I was young male, I loved him because he was a mature male. I loved being that lover who would be in his mind, taken, yet I knew I was as much responsible by seducing him. “I know Bernie……I know what…..” He cut me off telling me, “So you know……do you know what it’s like to be married to a lovely lady and then……seeing a male like you naked……so smooth…..almost not a hair on your body…..looking so incredibly innocent…..but having seen you sucking your friends cock and…….” He stopped again. “What Bernie….what else did you see?” I asked. He dropped his head for a moment as he took my cock head in his mouth. I ached my back, forcing my hard cock into his throat……he sucked hard and took it all. I felt the tightness in my belly as my cock head swelled even more. My balls tightened and my anus clenched around his finger as it plunged in and out of me. I came so hard and Bernie swallowed every drop, as he licked and kissed my cock head. He looked up at me with cum on his lips, smiling as if he was a the cat that swallowed the mouse. “I love your cock…. G.”

The Artist and the Client, Chapter One

My neighbor came to me at a gathering asking if he could speak with me privately when I had a moment. I liked my neighbor Bernie as he was almost family and an artist. He always urged me to find and develop my creative energy. He provided me with art materials and instruction in the use of them, and I would help him around his studio, giving me many opportunities to watch him paint.

As a younger eighteen year old guy guy I was very sexual. But yet I was always surprised in an innocent way, when I discovered that another person who I never suspected to be overly sexual, might have those same desires. Bernie was very conservative and straight in his appearance, not typical of a painter or artist back in the late 70’s, with all of the hippie and free spirited thinking challenging conventional wisdom.

I saw him alone and was intrigued why he needed to talk to me, so I sauntered over and said “Bernie…….what’s up……you wanna to talk?” I was excited, hoping I would get to work with him. “G……..I was wondering if you might do some modeling for me…..for a painting…..I have a client who I think you would be perfect for……”

I thought for a moment and immediately said, “Awesome……when?” “How about tomorrow……late morning….it’s Saturday so we’ll have all afternoon….I can tell you more about it when you get there….”

I arrived about 11:00 the next morning and Bernie greeted me telling me his wife was out shopping, so we would have a lot of privacy all day. I wondered why he said that. He began telling me he had this client who loved paintings of young men, he first called them boys, but then corrected himself by saying, “Well of course your not a little boy any longer, but your perfect!” I was a bit confused but I certainly felt great about the fact I would be perfect for this. Then he said, “We need to talk about what he wants in this painting.” I nodded. He went on, “My client is into men, yeah he’s Gay, or maybe Bi…….I’m not really sure actually…..but he asked if I could find a young guy who would pose for a very special painting. I said….”Okay”, still a bit confused.

“He would like a classic pose…..reclining on a sofa or chaise like the one over there….” I looked over to the chaise I had sat on hundreds of times watching him paint. I nodded again. Then he went on, “You will need to be…………” He hesitated. “You’ll need to be nude…….naked…………………………is that a problem for you…..I mean are you willing?” I was shocked, surprised, I didn’t see that coming at all. I had been naked with other men before, but that was different. This was my conservative neighbor who actually didn’t seem sexual at all to me, and all of a sudden he wants me to pose nude for him. As I stood there in my state of contemplation and utter surprise, he said, “If your embarrassed or uncomfortable……would it make it easier if I was naked too?……” With that, he didn’t wait for a replay. He turned and disappeared behind a dressing screen he had in the corner of his studio. “You might feel more at ease if we all both naked G,” he said, as I watched his polo shirt being laid over the top of the screen and heard his belt buckle hit the wood floor. He walked out naked. He was a tall man, taller than me and slim. His cock was long and hung flaccid as he asked, “Need some help G?” I was still a bit taken back by all of this as he stepped forward, “Here raise……your arms,” as he pulled my tank top up and over my head. He looked at my hairless chest and said, “Oh yes……my client will love you,” reaching out he pinched my nipple. He smiled in a teasing manner. I was confused, was he joking or really trying to turn me on?

Being sexual and feeling his pinch, feeling my nipple harden, and Bernie’s naked body so close my own; my confusion was gone as I felt my cock begin to swell in my well worn denim cutoffs. I never wore underwear with them, always loving the feeling of the soft, thin, worn denim as it caressed my cock. He looked at me and I sensed I was nervous, as he reached down and unbuttoned the button on my shorts, unzipping them and stepping back. I held them up with my arms pressed against them, but I knew I had to let him see me. The air was thick in the summer heat and quiet, so quiet I sensed I could hear us both breathing heavily in anticipation of my total exposure.

I lifted my arms and let my shorts drop to the floor. My cock, almost hairless around it’s base, hung in a semi hard state as I felt a slight swelling. “Oh my God……you’re a young Adonis……so smooth and Oh my……my client will love you.” I noticed a twitch in his cock as he stepped closer. He looked down at me and reached out, putting his arms over my shoulders pulling me closer. I felt his cock touch my belly, it seemed to harden as he got closer and the head oozed clear pre cum. “You will need to be hard for this sitting G……I can see that won’t be an issue.” We both looked down and my cock was standing straight up. Reaching down he grabbed my cock and stroked them together. I could feel his cock pulse as I’m sure he could feel mine. His cock was warm and sweaty, and as he brought his hand to my face, I could smell our musk, our scent. It made my head spin with desire and need. My cock was so hard and he was right there, naked and available. I wanted, I needed him to fondle me. I wanted release. It was one of those moments when your desire was taking control and all you wanted was to bathe in complete sexual gratification, to be touched and fondled, sucked. Oh how I wanted his lips around the head of my cock, swirling and licking. My desire was incredible, the throbbing in my cock, and the thought of sex with a mature man only making the need more urgent.

“I need you hard all through the sitting…..can you do that?……..I can help you……if it get’s soft…….would you like that G?”, I trembled with anticipation in his words. With that he knelt down and kissed my cock softly, his tongue swirling around the head me as took me fully in his mouth. Standing again, he squeezed my butt. “Okay…..lets get you posed”

Trans Girl, A love affair.

Source: Trans Girl, A love affair.

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I’m a pansexual male whose had a love of Transgender for decades. The page is a written account of my experiences over time which began with sexual encounters. Over time one learns many things…..We become educated….We mature and come to embrace the the “whole” of personal experiences, and not simply the shallow desires lying deep with in us. What began as an moment of arousal……has transformed itself and me in many ways. Yes, I am still a male and I still make mistakes in language, after years of listening to conventional “wisdom”…..prejudice, stereotyping….etc. But this life is not built on perfection, it is about progress and embracing differences along the path……this has been part of my journey…….

School Girl Games

Image by Gerome
Image by Gerome

We played those games. As I shared in a recent post, I met Susan walking down the street. She had dropped her keys and her plaid skirt pulled when she bent over up showing her pretty white panties and lovely bottom. When she stood back up, she flipped her hair, said hello, and all of a sudden I was sitting in a coffee shop, sipping an espresso talking with a girl. She was tremendously flirtatious in a very sweet way. I learned she was actually older that I was at 40 years old, but had the appearance of someone a decade younger. Her little school girl outfit didn’t hurt the look either. She looked at and said, “You might be surprised……not knowing me at all……but I like rules……I like being made to do things……maybe I misjudged you……but I don’t think so.” I was guessing she understood me too. I was aroused and I could feel my cock swelling.

We sat and chatted and talked well the dinner hour, talking about a wide array of subjects, from sweet to very naughty. I fell in love with her green eyes and warm personality. I guess if I ever experienced love at first sight, this was the moment. She was like a little girl yearning for her Daddy.

As the fall day fell to dusk and then into early evening darkness, I said I needed to be somewhere and suggested leaving, maybe catching a movie some night, or a drink in a quiet tavern. She nodded and we walked out on to the street. She had an odd look on her face, a smirk like she wanted to ask me something, but was holding back. Susan would lean into me, rubbing herself against me, playing with my finger tips occasionally as she continued to talk about her life. I was again feeling aroused. I love a girl who can flirt back with me. The back and forth always bringing me to the edge and then building again.

I told her my car was down this gangway between two buildings and she said, “Mine too.” About half way down the alley I grabbed her by the hair, tuning her around. She looked in my eye and then tilted her head towards the ground. Raising her chin with my finger, I said, “I’m going to fuck you right here…’ve been flirting and teasing me for hours…. like a naughty little prick teaser.” Susan’s face was flushed, I heard her whisper, “Yes Daddy.” “Oooooooooh…….you’ve been trained well,” I said as I reached down, pushing my hand under her short skirt, grabbing at her panties. “Are ya gonna rip em’ off of me right here……in public?” I pulled them tight up into the cleft of her cunt. “Your wet……good,” I said quietly, and then added, “Turn around and face the wall…….little school girl!”

My mind was reeling with all I wanted to do to her. I wanted to feel her pussy clench around my hard cock more than anything, as I again turned her around, grabbed her hair,  and bent her over. I heard her moan as I pulled her panties aside, aiming my cock at her hole, I thrust into her. She was wet, drenched. Grabbing her hips I began fucking her deep and steady. as she steadied herself and palms against the wall, she puhed back into me. “So you like Daddy’s cock Susan?” Susan nodded trying to catch er breath. I raised my hand and swatted her ass. “Ooooooouch……..Please fuck me…..Please, she gasped. “I’m gonna fill you with my seed…….I’m  claim you little girl……I’m gonna fuck you until I’m done….ughhhh……Mmmmm……Aaaahhhhh.” I felt my cock pulse and release my hot seed into her.

I held her against the wall, both of us breathing hard, sweat covering my forehead.  I heard an “oh my!” as an older lady turned away from the opening of the gangway. “We better get out of here before someone else see’s us……..gimme your panties….now!” I said. Susan looked at me as pulled them down, then stepping out of them, she handed them to me. “What, another notch on your guitar?” she asked. “I’m not a musician…..but ya a souvenir,” I told her. Grabbing her By the hair once again, I firmly directed her towards the parking lot. Once out in the night air and free from the confines of the gangway, I watched Susan walk. Her hips and butt swaying, I felt a twinge of arousal again. “You like little girls ass don’tcha Daddy?” I nodded, thinking yes I did.

We seemed destined to be together soon. I just never expected to see her at my door at 7 o’clock the next morning, with a suit case and laundry bag in her hands. “What……your washing machine die on you?” I asked. “Happy to see me are ya?” she quipped back at me. I was happy to see her, but wondered what she was doing here this early and with luggage. “You look so good in your robe Daddy?” Susan said as she again flipped her hair in a flirtatious manner. She was working me, and I was beginning to feel a little apprehensive about why she was here. Reaching out and under the same skirt she wore last night, I grabbed her butt which was still naked like last night. “You been out getting your cunt fucked…..after I filled it?” I asked. I felt a jolt of jealousy as she bit her lower lip. “No…..that pounding you gave me was enough….but I haven’t had a minute of sleep…..” I cut her off. “Yeah……..prove it……show me your pussy……if you have any cum dripping out of your cock whore cunt……you can just turn your ass around and go back to what ever prick filled you last,” I said. “Daddy…….your cum is the only cum still dripping out of this little girls coochie,” she said with a silly smile on her face. I nodded, grabbing her by the arm as I dragged her into my bedroom. “Get up there….on all fours…..spread your legs and show me your cunt,” I demanded. Susan never unwilling it seemed to exhibit herself, jumped on the bed. Laying her chest and face on my bed, with her ass up in the air, I could see her pretty pussy clearly. I was aroused and my cock head was poking out of my robe. “I think I should inspect you Susie….can I call you Susie….or would you maybe like …….lil’ hot cunt?” “I do have a hot little cunt Daddy…..but Suzie’s fine,” she said. I went to my bedside draw and gabbed a few things.

“Okay…..Suzie…..Daddy’s gonna inspect that hot little cunt and ass,” I said in a tone that sounded like that of a doctor. I looked at her with her ass up in the air and felt so aroused. She had a circle of fine hair surrounding her rosebud., and a little more hair surrounding her pussy. Her mound had a thicker mass of curls covering it. “You’re gonna need to shave yourself, I want you smooth like a little girl Suzie.” I saw her reach under and rub her fingers in her hair and dip her finger in her wet cunt. “Stop that… get to touch yourself when I say you may, now lick that finger clean,” I demanded. “Mmmmmm…….Daddy…..Little girl tastes good,” Suzie moaned as she licked and sucker her finger, wiggling her ass at me. The sound of soft warm flesh meeting the palm of my hand. rang out. “Ouch…….that hurt Daddy.” My palm left a large hand print on her butt cheek. I felt proud and even more aroused. I could see she was aroused as well. as her lips seemed to have a new glisten of moisture on them. The room was beginning to smell of her sex. I was so primal, the scent of sex hardening my cock even more. I opened my robe and stroked my cock as I inspected Suzie’s cunt. My own arousal was beginning to ooze from the tip of my cock. Walking around to the side of my bed I said, “Daddy’s cock needs to be cleaned…….”Lick it nice and slow……clean the head nice….like a good little cock whore……Mmmmmm……yes….you are a good cock sucking slut Susie…..Mmmm.” I wanted to grab her head and throat fuck her, but we had a day.

Standing behind her, I almost couldn’t resist kneeling down and licking her hot little cunt. Her scent was arousing, her lips wet and aroused. I reached over and grabbed one of the dildos I had taken from my drawer. I slipped it into her slightly, hearing her moan. Teasing the outer area and up to her asshole, watching it pucker, I said, “Good little girl Suzie,” and pushed it in a little deeper. Suzie pushed back a little. Hungry to be filled again, “You’re such a cock loving slut Suzie….you want this hard toy in you don’t you?” Yes Daddy…..fill me with it…..deeper Daddy please.”

I held it and let go. “Hold that cock shaped toy in your pussy Suzie…….hold it there,” I ordered her. I reached out and took a butt plug off the bed and lubed it well. Putting it at her rose bud I spun it a bit, rubbing the lube all over her hole. Another moan from her as I pushed. “Mmmmmm…..Daddy……Daddy.” I slapped her ass again. “Stop,” I said. “Quiet…..I wanna hear you moan and whimper.”

I pushed against the resistance, slow, but constant, until the base of the plug hit flush with her cheeks. “Keep that in you all day,” I said. “But Daddy…………”