Sissy Art

I love sissy’s. I’m not a Sissy or a cross Dresser…..but there is something very arousing about a Sissy. I find the drawings and digital art even more arousing than photographs. Seeing a “girl” or as many say a”gurl”……aroused….and feminine…..makes me shiver with desire…..



















Erotic Art Drawings

I love erotic art many times more than a photograph. There is a particular freedom in drawings that may not be captured in a photographic image. What intrigues me in these images is the power exchange. Whether it be the older male exposing the younger female’s pussy to look at, drool over….or a Domme female spanking a younger submissive girl…..I find it powerfully arousing.



Namio Harukawa…..A gallery of favorites

















I have always loved these drawings by Namio Harukawa, in spite of the fact that I’m not a submissive male. Being a Dominant male I still appreciate the power of a submission and that of a submissive male, in a Femdom relationship. Of course I do love licking and sucking a chubby girl pussy…..and all or most of his work centers around that.

You can learn more about NamioHarukawa here.

“Namio Harukawa (春川 ナミオ) Harukawa Namio, born in 1947, in Osaka Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese artist known for his realistic femdom erotica drawings. He created around one thousand unique drawings.[1] Harukawa’s artwork features voluptuous women with large breasts, wide hips, round buttocks and thick legs overpowering and humiliating smaller men. The women in Harukawa’s drawings are typically Asian or European in appearance. Harukawa’s women usually have an aloof look on their faces and often are doing everyday activities such as smoking or drinking a cup of tea.”

The Site ~ Chaturbate

Many of you may know the chat site Chaturbate. I have a love/hate relationship with it. I don’t pay for sex, period…..under any circumstances. I have a very sexy transgender friend, male to female, who’s been doing a show on there recently showing off her stuff. While I was on-line I peeked in on a few others, getting the feel for who and what was shown and offered. That’s when I bumped into a couple, two transgender models/performers who intrigued me. One is a long haired white girl with a softer, slightly chubby body, smaller breasts and pink nipples…..and a cute clitty……the other is a taller black girl with larger breasts…big brown nipples…..and a very nice clitty……I am a fan of these two…….*blush*

Why am I a fan….Why do I follow them….because they excite me…they inspire me in some odd way. In my mind sex workers are are masturbation tools…..period. But these two talk and engage, kiss and hug….do things that the others don’t in a seemingly genuine manner. Maybe it’s there shtick…..maybe not….but I can dream and stroke my cock and feel better about it….instead of feeling abused by a arrogant, self absorbed alternative……They eventually go off and do a private show for those who will pay……but the “foreplay” is typically very arousing…..

But these two, who typically perform together…….”thosedamncows“…….might be worth a peek……It is what it is…….after all…’s Chaturbate…..

Please note: I have no financial gain in this, I do not know these individuals or do I myself perform on Chaturbate. I have been a silent watcher at best, sitting back and relishing in their shows…….

Oh no…..I’m addicted……..Really…….

Yes, I’m addicted. I’m not a physician or scientist. I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, but I know in my heart I’m addicted to sex and masturbation. I should have seen this coming ages ago. Maybe I did and through my own denial I refused to admit it. I refused to call my actions anything but my own right to seek pleasure, in the way I was mentored and taught through the actions of others. I mean if you are told masturbation is normal, a natural thing by a parent, you may always believe it is. In the least when your denial is full blown over a desire or compulsion that you crave and hunger for, you relate back to what you have been taught.

But it is what it is, and reality can not be denied. I recently have read two interesting blogs. For those of us addicted to masturbation it might be interesting for you to read these as well.

From: []


From: []



I have seen my work ethic slip over the last months and years. I have been distracted and forgetful, negligent in my duties. Once I get sidelined by an online friend, or find myself browsing the internet for porn, I suddenly realize it has been too many hours since I did what I was supposed to do. I have had days or a week where I have not had a computer in front of me and I have been extremely productive, and then I have days that were a complete waste. I knew when I was not in front of my home computer, and I was not free to perv the internet, I was happier and content, smarter and energetic. But like any addiction, it pulls you to the source of pain and false comfort by an orgasm.


I love to masturbate.

I remember first discovering those delicious feelings even before I related it to anything sexual. It simply felt good. I was compelled to press my groin against the floor, feeling how amazing it was. I would do it constantly. Then one night in bed I discovered my penis was hard and it felt even better touching it without pants on. It never was a chore after that to get me to go to bed, I was eager and restless until I had some moments to touch myself. There was always a point the feelings got so incredible I would trembled. I felt exhausted afterward and usually fell right to sleep.

By now I was snooping in my fathers things. He had boxes  in our basement. My first discoveries were his old National Geographic magazines. The African natives;  bare breasted females with large dark brown nipples were a favorite. I would be so aroused. Then I discovered the art work and illustrations of the ancient world. The Greek and Roman slave auctions where the female slaves were being bought and sold, stripped naked and bound in chains excited me. What really excited me was the hairy growths of pubic hair I saw. I remember clearly one illustration of what was most probably an Arab girl collared and chained, naked with a mass of curls covering her mound. I stroked my penis many times looking at her.

Then puberty hit. Those first pubic hairs that began to grow confused and surprised me me. I was in the locker room at our public pool when an older man commented that I was showing signs of becoming a man. I must have looked at him as if I was questioning his statement. He then whispered I had a few lone hairs down there and then pulled his trunks down showing me his full growth of dark pubic hair. I was memorized by the sight, frozen in place, gazing at his cock and pubic hair. He stood there for what seemed like forever with his swim suit pulled down. I watched as I saw his penis harden and begin to rise. A family entered the locker room and he pulled up his trunks and winked at me, putting his finger to his lips, making the “shhhhhh”……sound. I knew I was not to ever tell a zsoul what had happened. I never said a thing, but I did stroke my cock to the vision of his hard cock. I wondered what it felt like. Secretly I wondered what it would taste like too. I came every time I thought of him taking my head and pulling me to it.

I hated the way I looked. Although I had now an seen older male and wished I had a full growth of hair around my penis, I did like the sparse hairs on my body. I shaved the few hairs I had. It felt so smooth, and added to my desire to touch and caress myself. It was odd how I felt and reacted. I loved seeing full bushes of pubic hair on both mature men and women, but those few hairs I had discussed me. I kept shaving it off. But know I was on a mission to see more. Every time my father took a bath I would sit with him and talk, and look. He seemed to like those moments and I loved them. Once when I walked in his penis was hard, it was sticking above the soapy bubbles and water, the head was a deep purple and shiny. I knew he was masturbating, although he stopped when I walked in. He was quiet and then said….”You touch yourself too I assume……It’s normal.” That was all that was said.

My father was a photographer before he married mom. I had found many images of women who had been photographed naked in the boxes in the basement. It was regular masturbation material for my daily cock stroking sessions. I never judged him, I never thought he was cheating on my mother. I always believed that this is what men did.

Then…….I’m home alone and I see my dad’s leather bag sitting on the stairs to the basement. I had to peek. He always had it in his car and now it’s within my grasp. I opened it and looked inside and found a treasure trove of porn. Not magazines, but real pictures of women. Hairy pussies, older women, many were Polaroids. I was in heaven. I sat there with my pants open, stoking my cock. I came more than once that afternoon.

So began my long journey into pornography and masturbation. It was the gateway to pleasure, and opened my eyes to so many possibilities.

More to cum……