Boys in Panties

I recently was asked by a woman I know quite well if I would try on her panties. I shook my head indicating it wasn’t something that I found exciting. We were laying in bed and she said she thought it was so sexy when a man could put to the side his macho bullshit and wear something soft and sexy. I began to share how in my youth I had. But my mouth froze and the words died as I became tongue tied. With her head resting in the cradle of my arm she whispered, “It would make me so horny if you did.”

I immediately thought how I wanted to please her. The beta male in me jumped at the arousal of pleasing someone. I remembered how I had tried on my mothers. It made my cock so hard and I loved sneaking them. Then one day I saw saw a pair of her panties in the hamper. I picked them out and I could see they were damp. I brought them to my face and inhaled. They were full of her scent. It was intoxicating. I remember slipping them on, and how they made me feel…..tight over my butt cheeks and my cock created a well defined lump. My cock was oozing pre cum and it stained them. I thought nothing of it at the time. I took them to my room and hid them. I would wear them when I masturbated……it was delicious….

She asked me again, “If you put them on…..I’ll suck you really good….will ya?” I nodded. She slipped them off and held them for a minute. She looked at them and said, “See how wet I am already?” Reaching out she brought them to my face. I loved that. Smelling her wet panties, her doing that, seducing me by playing on my vulnerabilities. I inhaled and licked. She called me a naughty boy.

I raised my legs as she pulled them on me. I was so hard. Climbing between my thighs she nuzzled into them. Her nose bumped and nudged against my cock, then she nibbled and kissed it. I was oozing pre cum as she pulled the front down, exposing my hardness. She teased me, licking softly as she fingered her pussy. “You see how hot your making me by wearing them…..I want you to cum in them so I can wear them all day.”…..She felt my cock pulse as she covered my cock again, watching me spurt a load. Once, twice, three times my cock pumped cum into her panties. She looked at me and said, “Now give me em’…..I wanna wear em’ now.”

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Boys in Panties