Nude in High Contrast

I am a 60+ year old male. I am married and in a loving relationship with my wife of almost a decade. I’m very open minded and open to most things in life. Frankly, I will try almost anything once whether it be food, sex, or simply a conversation with a complete stranger.  I’m a sales professional, but have many creative interests, including photography. I feel I’m a very good photographer who has the ability of capturing the intimacy of a moment or a metaphoric image that will make one pause.

I’ve always been sexually intellectual. I’ve always had my own ideas and theories regarding human sexuality. I always thought too much and wondered and pondered how I fit in, recognizing I was different. For years I only identified as a straight man. In my heart I knew that was a lie, I was Bi sexual and I was always probably always Bisexual. But in reality I’m Pan-sexual.

I have always identified as a Dominant, but I do recognize my own vulnerabilities, and how at times they make me tremble with desire and arousal, willing to act in ways that a Dom would not. I love control at times, but when I meet someone who organically commands a nurturing energy, such as a mother or father figure, I find I could slip into the dark abyss with them as a mentor or master. Trust and vulnerability are the key elements in my psyche, that would allow my being to be embraced by a guiding force.

This blog is my search, my journey, my way finding me. Life is a process which never ends until you take your last breath. I have always been quite introspective, soul searching, and self analytical.

I will add to this page as time goes on, leaving it for now……”in process”…….much like me.

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