First Time Wearing Panties

For many male to female transgender people, the first time they put on female clothing can be an almost overwhelming emotional experience. The first crossdressing experiences will often be with the clothes of a close family member – a wife, mother, sister, cousin, aunt etc. – and by the very act of seruptitiously wearing these clothes […]

via First time in panties! — Rebecca Sterne

One thought on “First Time Wearing Panties

  1. I’d suggest it’s also possible to enjoy wearing panties without being on the road to transgender. (Obviously there is the scope that that could be met by accsations of being in denial.) Aside from the inate sensual pleasure of wearing silk and lace, surely a man can find a thrill from the rebelion and hidden secret, just as much as hiding rubber, ball weights, genital body piercings or a butt plug under their day clothes, without being on a journey to something else?

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