Cuckolding: A Submissive Woman’s Perspective

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The Dionysian Experience


Coming into our relationship, Sienna’s sexual fantasies centered around being submissive. While I have many fantasies, cuckold play is a personal favorite. Nothing makes me hotter than imagining my lover getting off on being taken by a well-hung black man. While our fantasies appeared to be in conflict, we eventually merged our individual fantasies into a shared and wildly exciting cuckold fantasy. As we were in the process of moving from fantasy to reality, Sienna sent me an email describing her vision of our cuckold fantasy from a submissive woman’s perspective. 

Cuckolding: A Submissive Woman’s Perspective


Email Excerpt: July 2014  

I LOVE you, my amazing sexy Man! And, I LOVE your cock…MY cock! My sweet little cock. Baby, this is why we are perfect together. Well, it is one of many, many reasons but one of the physical reasons. Your little cock fits my little pussy and tight…

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Boys in Panties

Being bisexual, and loving feminine boys, androgynous males, fem boys, and trans girls; seeing a cock in panties has always aroused me. Whether it be a quiet little “bump”, a pulsing hard “lump” with a wet spot , or something delicately tucked , I’m drawn to it.Boys in Panties16Boys in Panties18Boys in Panties19Boys in PantiesBoys in Panties2Boys in Panties3Boys in Panties4Boys in Panties5Boys in Panties6Boys in Panties7Boys in Panties8Boys in Panties9Boys in Panties10Boys in Panties11Boys in Panties12Boys in Panties13Boys in Panties14Boys in Panties15