A Conversation about my Cage

I find this exciting, I’m not sure why…..I’m not a sissy and would never tolerate being treated in a submissive manner…may be I just would love fucking a hot wife while her sissy hubby gets aroused and is forced to watch my cock penetrate his wife’s hole…….






a man in my position

maid art cut BWI was just cinching Mady, Hannah’s maid, into her corset when she asked, “Do you mind having to wear your cock cage all the time?”

“Not especially, Miss.” I replied honestly. “It is not uncomfortable if that is what you mean.”

“Not exactly. What I was wondering is what it is like for an obviously highly sexed man like you to be locked in chastity. I mean my Mistress literally has the key to your manhood.”

“Well, Miss, she has. But I’ve always accepted the fact that in our marriage there is only her sexuality. I really prefer it that way. Or at least I am used to it.” I said.

“But you still get hard in that little cage. You’ll be going to your corner soon so take your clothes off and let’s get you nice and hard.”

I obeyed my dominant little Miss and was soon standing in…

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