Sissy Art

I love sissy’s. I’m not a Sissy or a cross Dresser…..but there is something very arousing about a Sissy. I find the drawings and digital art even more arousing than photographs. Seeing a “girl” or as many say a”gurl”……aroused….and feminine…..makes me shiver with desire…..



















5 thoughts on “Sissy Art

  1. Thanks for this post, which puts things in my particular focus, as a totally blind person who, unlike you, has a sissy impulse, but is denied the images. This is normal for me of course, but I find simply imagining those images tantalising. My impulse is of course based on tactile sensuality, plus how my behavior might change when acting it out.

    Thanks, and I hope my perspective isn’t a waste of your time
    Gina X


    1. Gina, No, you are exactly what I was looking to encourage in a discussion…..I could never identify as a sissy, but I do love the uniqueness of a sissy….the mentality is intriguing……


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