Sissy Art

I love sissy’s. I’m not a Sissy or a cross Dresser…..but there is something very arousing about a Sissy. I find the drawings and digital art even more arousing than photographs. Seeing a “girl” or as many say a”gurl”……aroused….and feminine…..makes me shiver with desire…..



















Erotic Art Drawings

I love erotic art many times more than a photograph. There is a particular freedom in drawings that may not be captured in a photographic image. What intrigues me in these images is the power exchange. Whether it be the older male exposing the younger female’s pussy to look at, drool over….or a Domme female spanking a younger submissive girl…..I find it powerfully arousing.



Review of the vintage Marcel Worth 1591 girdle

I love these garments on a woman…..or a woman with a bit of something “extra”……

The Nylon Swish

Last year I acquired a large amount of vintage Marcel Worth stock, which you can read about here. Amongst the lot, were many treasures, some of which have become favourites in my personal collection. One of those pieces is the 1591 girdle.


I’m going to be honest (as always), this is not a starter girdle! It is by no means an extreme piece of shapewear, nor does it have a tonne of steel boning, but it is an item that vintage underwear newbies might want to steer clear of for now. The reason that I say this is because it is quite firm, and it does cover a lot of the lower body. I would always recommend newbies to start with a light stretchy girdle, such as this one.


The structure of this girdle is very traditional in my opinion, it has a satin bum panel, strong…

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