Ask Morgana 199: Alméry Lobel-Riche

Classic and lovely!

Morgana Somerville

alr1I remember the first time I ever kissed a mirror. I was finding out who I was. It was a long, long time – or so it certainly seemed – before I found a mirror-image that was not glass, cold. But all that’s by-the-by.

Alméry Lobel-Riche (1880-1950) was born in Switzerland to French parents. He was a painter, etcher, and lithographer.

The author Pierre Mac Orlan said that he was “always an artist deeply drawn by those disciplines that are enamoured of calm and balance, that female beauty dominates when it has passed beyond [artistic] creations that show a touch of facile gallantry.”

A florid sentence, mon ami Pierre, but I take it to mean that Lobel-Riche would, perhaps, err towards that wonderful tension-point that comes just where the erotic feels the equal tug of the coy and the pornographic. Yes? No?



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