After work

I love this moment, I had to re-blog it……..Michelle deserves it!


After a long day at work you came home-exhausted and uninspired. You thought about a dozen papers you need to correct this weekend. Something was missing, but you didn’t know exactly what. You drank some water, looked through the window. You took off your clothes and walked around naked. You turned on the music and lighted a candle. The idea of a foamy bath made you smile. While relaxing in the bathtub you thought about him. Wherever he was, whomever he was fucking those days, right now he was really with you. You smiled again. You touched your right breast. You squeezed it, firmly but softly. You opened your lips and closed your eyes. You moved your hand slowly. Rubbing and stroking your skin until you reached vagina. You opened your legs just enough. Your two fingers slipped easily inside you. You felt immediate intensity. You tilted your head to…

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