HBIC. Fan girl talk, wtf?

Teen age years while difficult at best….seem to be easier than the 20’s when children feel they are “entitled” to anything and everything, including your financing it as well…..then of course the 30’s when they now know “everything”…..they tell you where you went wrong with far more authority than when they were teens….One day after attempting to save my son from from obvious consequences, and his retaliation at my suggestion….I told him….”I can’t save you….I am no longer going to try…..If some day you wake up and want my opinion….call me ans ask.”…..A few months later he did call and requested my opinion. I was shocked actually. I first asked him if he got up today and hit his head…..lol…..he asked why….obviously he didn’t see the connection…..but now 3 years later he asks my opinion….I give it and he does what he wants….PERFECT!

This is my kinky life...


I am a mom with three kids. Only one has left the nest. Once he was gone, i put razor wire, and an electrified fence to keep him out.

Don’t get me wrong, i love my children. But i would like my sanity back, sleep naked again. No one to wake me in the middle of the night, so they can tell me they threw up. Great now i am up, once i see it and smell it I’m joining you in the bathroom.

I have an almost 15 year old. I cannot understand a thing she says. She will say things like, ‘ I can’t even’ , or ‘ OTP’. Should these things have some kind of meaning? Finish the sentence, stop talking in anagram speak, it was never meant to be a language. I’m pretty worried that she is trying to give me a message about something important…

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