Men Need to Act Like Men

“That is a real man.

That is a adult.

That is someone who takes a deep breath and actually sees the world instead of staring blankly, someone who begins the hard task of naming what the problem is and starts to either repair what is broken or abandons dead projects and starts over.”

2 thoughts on “Men Need to Act Like Men

  1. I liked the article and I learned a long time ago that not only do some men never learn how to behave like men, we can’t even agree on what a man is supposed to be or look like. We spend so much of our lives trying to live up to the accepted male model and, more often than not, epically fail at it because, in reality, it’s not who we are as a person; being that ideal man is beyond our reach so we keep fucking it up by trying to be something we may not be capable of being or, as that one guy found out, you get there… and you find out that it sucks because you’re not being yourself – you’re being someone else and then it’s just a figment of some long-dead person’s imagination.

    But if we don’t know how to be men, we also have issues learning how to be ourselves – because we’re not taught to understand the person we are; those lessons get set aside by the “this is what a real man does” lessons we’ve all been conditioned to adopt and adhere to.

    I always loved it when women tried to tell me how to be a man; like, how the fuck do they know, right? But, what I learned is that they, too, have been conditioned (or mindfucked) into believing what a man should be like – their idea or the “generally accepted” idea and imagine their surprise and dismay to learn that not many men fit that general description or a woman’s idea of what a man should be like.

    Very interesting stuff to talk about…

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  2. I’m with you kdaddy. I was never taught by my father, “what a man is, or should be”…..he was too insecure in who he was I suppose to offer an educated guess or be that mentor. It would have been too emotional and that was always avoided. I took another approach with my son. I was emotional, I told him to be a number of things and he has turned out to be an amazing father, husband, friend and son. I feel blessed….

    I also love it when a woman says…..”Why don’t you try being a man about it”…… or …..”be a man!”….
    I mean how the fuck do you know what it takes to be a man?…..I never say to her……You ever care to respond like a woman?”………I have asked her a number of times…..”Where did that little girl I met so long ago…….go?”


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