Perfect!…..What Daddy/Master/Dom doesn’t love to hear those words spoken with such genuine need……

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“Please, Sir, may I cum?”

She was so close. That close. Hanging there, right on the edge of orgasm as his fingers slipped and twisted inside her pussy. Her hips undulated on the bed, waves of need rolling palpably from her pleading body. Though she couldn’t see him, damn the blindfold, she felt the loss as he moved away from the open Y of her legs.

“I think…not quite yet, pet,” he said, his tone seeming both regretful and amused. She whimpered low in her throat. She felt him wiping his fingers along her inner thigh. There was a rush of cooler air against her splayed-apart crotch as he left her.  From across the room there were curious noises where she knew he kept his ‘toys’…if one could call such weapons ‘toys’. The innocuous word always made her grin just a little bit, even as she shivered at what they did to her.

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