Something about this makes me so hot!

I once had a friend who always wore tight white tights or stretch pants. He was well endowed, never wore underwear and loved playing with my mind.These images remind me of him and how his body felt as I caressed his butt and cock….feeling how hard it was, how it throbbed. There was always a delicious little wet spot…..

White Tights

White Tights

White Tights

10 thoughts on “Something about this makes me so hot!

          1. Yes I am attracted to the flame…..the flame of desire is so compelling…..the arousal is something that takes me away…….putting me in a place of huger that must be fed and nurtured…..and you little girl are making it feel so delicious…….

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          2. Oh, Sir, I guarantee, I am NO little girl. I am ALL woman, I have experience, incredible talents, a plethora of knowledge and a desire to please and be pleasured. I DON’T need a nap, but an occasional spanking is preferable and often necessary. ๐Ÿ™‚

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