Namio Harukawa…..A gallery of favorites

















I have always loved these drawings by Namio Harukawa, in spite of the fact that I’m not a submissive male. Being a Dominant male I still appreciate the power of a submission and that of a submissive male, in a Femdom relationship. Of course I do love licking and sucking a chubby girl pussy…..and all or most of his work centers around that.

You can learn more about NamioHarukawa here.

“Namio Harukawa (春川 ナミオ) Harukawa Namio, born in 1947, in Osaka Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese artist known for his realistic femdom erotica drawings. He created around one thousand unique drawings.[1] Harukawa’s artwork features voluptuous women with large breasts, wide hips, round buttocks and thick legs overpowering and humiliating smaller men. The women in Harukawa’s drawings are typically Asian or European in appearance. Harukawa’s women usually have an aloof look on their faces and often are doing everyday activities such as smoking or drinking a cup of tea.”

13 thoughts on “Namio Harukawa…..A gallery of favorites

  1. I have never seen this artist. Stunning. Of course, I am a female submissive, but I appreciate the context of these beautiful works. And being a woman of realistic size and curves, I love the voluptuous dimensions of these women. Too often the females are the rail thin, almost unattainable body size. And nothing wrong with a man serving once and a while too. 😊

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  2. Thank you so much for the comment…..*smiles*…….

    I was very submissive as a younger male. Looking back I recognize clearly the submissive nature and the desire to please. I personally love chubby women, so the curves and voluptuous nature of his female subjects are always very arousing to me. And I agree there is nothing wrong with a man servicing a woman…..the thought of her sex pressing down on my face……allowing my tongue to tease and explore her wetness and other tight hole always arouses me greatly……even now being far more Dom….I still love the memories of the passion…..taste….scent…..and hearing her whimper as orgasm grips her being…..

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      1. Yes. I am very much aware of that……I have an older woman in my neighbor hood that is basically very sub, but has these moments…….*blush*……and she loves being “taken care of”…..orally. She loves me on my knees behind her…..and frankly I love how she moves and whimpers as she teases me…..she’s a voluptuous woman and I love that…..damn I’m very aroused right now thinking of the last time we were together…….she’s so incredibly passionate…..but after I “service her needs we slip back into me “claiming” her…….she is amazing actually…..

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          1. Oddly, that’s how it all began. She needed to use the phone. She peeked in my basement window when I didn’t answer and got a eye full of me stroking myself. When I finally came to the door she said…..”Hi…..Could I use your phone…….in trade I could help you finish what you were doing when I peeked in?”……….

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          2. Vacuum more and bend over a lot with the window treatments open……*grins*……..I’m picturing that by the way……I think I need to sit down and think about that comment for a bit…….so freaking aroused!

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